Motion Sickness Cross Street

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A large, light workspace for a creative agency with room to move.

When the Motion Sickness team outgrew its New Market office, they came to us to help create a new one. With a new location on Cross Street and a huge 240m² footprint, Motion Sickness needed a way to divide the space without losing precious natural light.

The design concept is an extension of the brand’s previous space, influenced by the brand’s values; an element of homeliness defies corporate, commercial culture. We custom-designed leaners, hanging planter walls, desks, tables and planter boxes, as well as a black slatted feature wall, designed to let light in and gradually introduce guests to the workspace.

Greenery intertwines with furniture creating soft, natural barriers.

Bespoke shelving units hang from the ceiling giving them, and the studio, a sense of lightness.